What is shared farming?

Shared farming is where the landowner collaborates with a farm contractor in a shared farming agreement.

The landowner has the land and supplies the materials (i.e. the seed, fertiliser and spray chemicals). The contractor supplies the knowledge, experience and equipment, along with the time and commitment to run the farm on a day-to-day basis.

When the harvest is complete, the crops are sold and all the costs are paid.

The landowner receives a financial return for the land. The contractor receives a contractor’s charge. Any profits for the year are divided between the two at an agreed percentage split.

Our role on your farm

We come with 40 years of experience of land husbandry, technology, agronomy and associated services to the agricultural industry. We take on board the day-to-day running of the farm while the landowner maintains control of the farm.

We purchase the seed, fertiliser and spray chemicals within our group, attracting overall discounts which are passed on to each farm. Our agronomist advises us on a weekly basis on weed control, disease  prevention, fertiliser application and timeliness of sowing dates.  We have regular meetings with the landowner advising on costs, grain prices, environmental issues and up and coming agricultural legislation.

We are constantly measuring seed fertiliser and chemical rates as well as selecting equipment for various weather conditions to reduce the effect of ground compaction on the land.

The objectives of shared farming

  • To move forward with increased crop rotation: winter wheat and winter/spring barley with break crops of oil seed rape and beans, as well as short term lays of grass greening crops such as mustard, radish and clover.
  • To minimise the impact of farming on the surrounding countryside and support ecology.
  • To give an unbiased view and continually improve crop husbandry and seed varieties.
  • To continue to improve our precision farming, using GPS to aid the operator with auto control and variable rate control of lime fertiliser, seed and sprays. We also provide crop yield mapping within the combine harvester.

The benefits of shared farming

  • Allows the landowner to stay in farming and enjoy inheritance tax benefits whilst retaining sporting and residential incomes.
  • Enables the landowner to still have control over the farm, allowing then more time for other business and recreation activities.
  • Taking part in our economies of scale.
  • Benefit from our fleet of equipment and labour force at critical times of the year.
  • Continue the improvement of the soil structure and environmental issues on the farm, including our annual review of the Farm Assurance Scheme.
  • Release capital tied up in existing labour and equipment.
  • Benefit from our in-house experience in groundworks and building services for maintenance work on the farm.

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