What is farm contracting?

Farm contracting is a service we offer in addition to our general farming operations. This service is for certain types of farm work carried out during the year. It is a mutually beneficial joint venture between two parties.

Jubilee Mills are a service provider for farmers who haven’t the resources available for certain roles. We provide ploughing, seeding and combining services, as well as tractor and trailer work.

Our workforce comes with a lifetime’s experience of farming. Committed to working long hours, farming the land to a high standard our team is trained in maintaining and operating our high tech equipment with both health & safety and production in mind.

Our fleet of modern, state of the art equipment with satellite technology ensures we can provide the highest level of farm contracting services.

Specialist work includes:


Direct Drilling Oil Seed Rape

Using a DTX cultivator and a weaving disc drill.


Ploughing or discing existing rough grassland, levelling, stone picking, seeding and rolling. We sell a variety of different grass seeds to suite the area.


New Holland combine with straw chopper and field mapping.

Fertilizer Application

Kuhn Spreader capable of spreading a variable rate (via GPS). The field needs to be soil sampled, which we can provide. Once the samples have been tested we can apply the MOP & TSP fertilisers to the areas within the field that are deficient.


We can install both post and rail fencing or traditional wire stock-proof fencing. We can also install farm gates, both wood or metal.

Bridges & Cattle grids

We supply and install galvanised steel or timber 1.2m wide pedestrian bridges as well as galvanised steel / reinforced concrete bridges for HGV's up to 40 tonnes. We also supply both plain and galvanised cattle grids.

We also carry out the following general farm contracting services:

  • Ploughing
  • Sub-soiling
  • Heavy discing (including rear press)
  • Drilling
  • Rolling Cambridge and flat
  • Tractor and trailer work
  • JCB loading work (up to 9.5 metres high)
  • Tractor hire (including operators)

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